15 Product Experiments in 6 Weeks

August Preparation

Brand & Design

MVP Design

Data Work

Researching 10 Target Careers

An Experiment Every 2 Days

Choosing the Right Metrics to Measure

Experiment 1 — Career Change Programme

#1: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 2 — Career Change Programme v2

#2: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 3 — Career Change Programme for People with Intent

#3: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 4 — Discover Top Features for our Current Users

#4: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 5 — Top Feature Propositions by Career Stage

#5: Our Goals & Results

Next Steps

Experiment 6 — Send Traffic Directly Into Our Proposition Pages

#6: Our Goals & Results

A New Strategy Forming — Mapping + Marketplace

Experiment 7 — The Next Step in our Personalised Job Alerts Proposition

#7: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 8 — Career Coaching Initial Calls

#8: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 9 — Jobs Nearby Links on Final Results

#9: Our Goals & Results — A Wild Success!

Experiment 10 — Evaluate Adzuna’s Affiliate Program

#10: Our Goals & Results

Cause for Optimism

Experiment 11 — Direct Job Links on our Site + Job Alerts

A Better User Experience

#11: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 12 — Direct Job Links on our Site v2

#12: Our Goals & Results

Next Steps

Actual Adzuna Revenue

The Economics of Adzuna Affiliate Links

Experiment 13 — Link to Udemy Courses

#13: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 14 — Evaluate Udemy’s Affiliate Program

#14: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 15 — Test Learning Curve Group’s Courses

Building this Integration

#15: Our Goals & Results

My Biggest Personal Challenges During this Phase

Our New Strategic Direction

Thoughts on Commercialisation

Commercialisation vs. Social Impact

What’s Next?

A New Nesta Prize




Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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