15 Product Experiments in 6 Weeks

August Preparation

Brand & Design

  • Trusted
  • Approachable
  • Adventurous
  • Optimistic
  • Imaginative
  • Fun

Idents, Colours & Typography

Top 3 Designs

Our Design System

MVP Design

  1. Complete our current career survey
  2. View the careers pages
  3. Shortlist careers
  4. Choose one career
  5. Setup a call with a career coach
  6. Have the call
  7. Followup actions after the call

Data Work

GDPR Compliance

Security, Redundancy, Performance and Cost

Researching 10 Target Careers

  • Business Analyst
  • Care Worker
  • Graphic Designer
  • Management Consultant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Photographer
  • Police Officer
  • Teacher
  • TV/Film Director
  • Vet Nurse

An Experiment Every 2 Days

Choosing the Right Metrics to Measure

Experiment 1 — Career Change Programme

#1: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 2 — Career Change Programme v2

#2: Our Goals & Results

  1. The average number of careers in people’s final results is 16. But we only show detailed information for one or two of these. Which are probably not people’s top careers to explore in many cases.
  2. People completing our survey have already invested 10–15 minutes to get to their final results. And they already know what their top suggested careers are. So they may not want to invest more time at that point to learn more.

Experiment 3 — Career Change Programme for People with Intent

#3: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 4 — Discover Top Features for our Current Users

#4: Our Goals & Results

Insights on Challenges & Features

Insights on Career Happiness

Experiment 5 — Top Feature Propositions by Career Stage

#5: Our Goals & Results

Next Steps

Experiment 6 — Send Traffic Directly Into Our Proposition Pages

#6: Our Goals & Results

A New Strategy Forming — Mapping + Marketplace

Mapping Attributes of a User to Careers

  • It can be delivered with pure software, which plays to our strengths and enables us to scale with no marginal costs.
  • By focusing on the top of the funnel (deciding which career to pursue), we believe we can have a bigger social impact than helping someone enjoy a career that they’re not well suited to. Our data shows that we might be able to increase someone’s happiness by 40% if we help them into a career they enjoy.
  • Deciding what career to pursue is a problem that practically everyone in the world faces. Often multiple times in their careers. The fact that we have really low acquisition costs with our Facebook ads shows how keen people are for help with this problem. As does the fact that this was the most popular feature voted on by our users in experiment 4.
  • We’d capture people at the top of the funnel (right at the beginning of changing careers). Which means we could direct them to all the other services further down the funnel. Which are usually more commercial (the closer you get to an employment result, the more money there usually is). So owning the top of the funnel is very strategic from a commercial perspective as we could be sending users to very commercial players further down the funnel like job boards, training providers and career coaches.

A Personalised Marketplace for All Career-Related Services

And Possibly Better Job Alerts

Experiment 7 — The Next Step in our Personalised Job Alerts Proposition

#7: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 8 — Career Coaching Initial Calls

#8: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 9 — Jobs Nearby Links on Final Results

#9: Our Goals & Results — A Wild Success!

Experiment 10 — Evaluate Adzuna’s Affiliate Program

#10: Our Goals & Results

Cause for Optimism

Optimising Adzuna

Additional Revenue Streams

A Pathway to Profitability

Experiment 11 — Direct Job Links on our Site + Job Alerts

A Better User Experience

#11: Our Goals & Results

Direct Job Links Performance

Job Alerts Performance

Experiment 12 — Direct Job Links on our Site v2

#12: Our Goals & Results

Next Steps

Actual Adzuna Revenue

The Economics of Adzuna Affiliate Links

Experiment 13 — Link to Udemy Courses

#13: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 14 — Evaluate Udemy’s Affiliate Program

#14: Our Goals & Results

Experiment 15 — Test Learning Curve Group’s Courses

Building this Integration

#15: Our Goals & Results

Click Metrics

Conversion / Revenue Metrics

Other Opportunities

My Biggest Personal Challenges During this Phase

Our New Strategic Direction

Thoughts on Commercialisation

Commercialisation vs. Social Impact

What’s Next?

A New Nesta Prize





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Phil Hewinson

Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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