Hi, I’m Phil. I’m a tech entrepreneur. I've founded two tech startups, and sold one. I spent 12 years in product, technical and leadership roles at Monzo, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. I have a Computer Science degree from Cambridge University. I grew up in North Wales. And I now live with my wife and two boys in Surrey in the UK.

I left my role as Head of Product for Marketplace and Lending at Monzo in the summer of 2018 to explore the intersection of software and social impact. And that’s when I started this blog. So you can follow my journey right from the beginning.

I spent the first year trying different projects in the areas of extreme poverty, education and mental health. And I landed on the area of employment, and specifically “career happiness” in June of 2019 when I founded Would You Rather Be. This blog will take you through the whole journey of Would You Rather Be, all the way to selling the company to one of the biggest training providers in the UK. Like any startup, it's a story of ups and downs!

You can read more about my career on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter.