Building a Web App to Save Teachers Time and Help Students Learn

Comparative Judgement

Benefits to Teachers and Students

How Did This Project Come About?

Choosing to Build a Web App

Choosing the MEAN Stack set of Technologies

Building the Minimal Viable Product

Core Features

Other Features


Building the Second Version

Scaling to More Teachers

Features to Support Teacher Accounts

Naming it Compare and Learn

Tracking Usage

Computing and Storing Metrics

Viewing Metrics

A Few More Iterations


Getting Feedback

Current Status of the Project

A Goal-Based Approach to Scaling

What’s the Overarching Product Goal?

What Sequence of Goals Will Get Us There?

Getting 50 Teachers To Use It Once

Getting 50 Teachers Using It Regularly

What Else Have I Been Up To?

Visiting Scott Harrison, Founder of Charity: Water, In New York City

Consulting for Zinc

A Talk at Tearfund on Building Products People Love

What’s Next for Me?



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