I Raised £550k for my Startup!

Failed Monetisation Experiments

Charging Users to See Results

Displaying Ads Next to Each Question


How I Raised £550k

Nesta’s CareerTech Prize

Applying to the Prize

Raising Money from Investors

An Opportunity Through My Founders Network, ICE

My First Pitch!

An Offer to Underwrite £500k

Closing the Round

Hearing Back from Nesta

Impact of the Coronavirus

Thursday, March 12th

Friday, March 13th

Saturday & Sunday, March 14th-15th

The Birth of Coronafriend

The Idea

Building It

Launching It

Would You Rather Be’s Focus

Challenges of Having Young Children at Home

Version 2

Better Career Coverage

Improved Career Selection

Improving the Algorithm

Showing More Information on Selected Careers

Ratings & Feedback

Company Foundations

Nesta Workshops

Service Design

Service Design vs Lean Startup

  1. The cost of delivering a solution. If it only takes a small amount of time and money to build a solution, then building it sooner makes sense as you’ll learn more that way. But if it’s expensive to deliver a solution, then de-risking delivery by doing a lot of thinking, research and design up front makes sense.
  2. The skills on the team. If you have a team of software engineers, building something is straight-forward. But if you have a team of researchers, doing research is more straight-forward and building something might be expensive.

Incorporating Elements of Service Design

What’s Next




Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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Phil Hewinson

Phil Hewinson

Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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