Mapping Highest Qualification Level

Qualification Data

Structured Pathway Data

A Much Bigger Feature

Completing Pathways for 81 Careers

Designing the Pathways Feature

Building the Pathways Feature

Hyper-Personalised Pathways

User Testing & Refining


Skills Matching

Choosing a Skills Taxonomy

The ESCO Data Set

Using ESCO Data

Designing Skills Matching

Updating ESCO’s Data Set

User Testing Skills Matching


Researching Providers

Building & Testing the Feature

Nesta’s CareerTech Prize


Our Impact Metrics

Written Application & Video

Our Final Solution

Another Nesta Prize

Other Work

3 More Product Experiments

Job Demand Labels

Psychometric Research

No Degree Filtering

Supporting “Back”


Market Research

Hiring Employee #2

What’s Next



Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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