Mapping Highest Qualification Level

Qualification Data

Structured Pathway Data

A Much Bigger Feature

Completing Pathways for 81 Careers

Designing the Pathways Feature

Employing Professionals


Professional Designs

Building the Pathways Feature



Hyper-Personalised Pathways

Relevant Links

  • For vocational courses that are typically available in Further Education (FE) colleges, we link to the user’s local college website so they can find and sign up for that particular course. We determine their local college by taking their postcode, converting it into latitude/longitude coordinates and then using trigonometry to compute the distance between their postcode and all 583 FE colleges in the UK. We then link to the closest college to where they live.
  • For courses run by universities (e.g. degree courses and above), we link to Whatuni, which is a university comparison website. We pass in the qualification type, subject and automatically sort by ranking so that in one click the user can see the best universities in the country for that particular course. They can then use Whatuni’s filtering options to further refine their selection based on their past grades for example (i.e. their UCAS points).
  • For tasks that involve joining professional bodies, we link to the specific websites that enable users to immediately sign up and join these bodies.

Time and Doing Tasks in Parallel

Cost and Funding

Summarising Time and Cost per Career

Pre-ticking Completed Qualifications

Updating Everything as Tasks are Ticked

User Testing & Refining

  • Refined the order of careers on the final results screen
  • Added instructional screens before and after the quiz to better guide people through the flow
  • Refined the titles of the pathways
  • Updated the home page to include our top features
  • Wrote up and completed 61 Jira tickets
  • Submitted 93 PRs (Pull Requests)


Skills Matching

Choosing a Skills Taxonomy

The ESCO Data Set

  • 2,960 occupations
  • 13,485 skills
  • 114,393 occupation-skill mapping pairs (so each occupation has on average 39 skills)

Using ESCO Data

What Matters To Us

  1. Capture the skills a user has likely picked up during their career so far requiring less than 60 seconds of time investment from the user.
  2. Map these skills to all of their careers of interest to provide a single skills matching score. We only wanted to give a rough guide as to how well each of their careers of interest are to their skills. So a single score best achieves this rather than providing any more granular detail that may be more difficult for the user to parse and make decisions from.
  1. Get a comprehensive list of occupations a user could do (more comprehensive and detailed than our existing list of 504 careers)
  2. Have a mapping of these occupations to skills
  3. Map our career database to this list of occupations so that we can do the final part of the skills mapping to a user’s careers of interest

Our Algorithm

Designing Skills Matching

Updating ESCO’s Data Set

User Testing Skills Matching


Researching Providers

Building & Testing the Feature

Nesta’s CareerTech Prize


Our Engagement Metrics

  • 83% of people (6,485) who started the quiz finished it. They answered 50 or 100 questions.
  • 82% of people (4,484) who started the input screens (as above) completed all four and got to the final results screen.
  • 57% of people (4,484) who started the quiz got to the final results screen. They went through all of our screens, including quality and career selection. Note that we count 4,133 (53%) as “valid” final results users. This is defined as having taken at least 4 minutes to complete the quiz and choosing at least 10 of each of the career buttons across all the quiz questions.
  • 60% of people (2,467) who reached final results clicked “Explore” on at least one career.
  • 28% of people (1,052) who had at least one career with Pathways enabled went on to view at least one Pathway.
  • Of the people who viewed a Pathway, 30% (319) clicked at least one button to take them to the next step. And 16% (170) ticked at least one Pathway task to mark it as complete.
  • 26% of people (647) who explored a career viewed jobs nearby.
  • 24% of people (977) emailed their results to themselves voluntarily. This is a 3x improvement from our product a year ago, showing the dramatic increase in value.

Our Impact Metrics

  • 24% (88 people) who didn’t expect to one day find a job they’ll love now do as a result of using Would You Rather Be
  • 82% (355 people) feel they now have more information about careers, received tailored information or had their career horizons expanded
  • 52% (223 people) feel they better understand pathways into a new career
  • 60% (257 people) found the current and future job demand labels helpful

Written Application & Video

Our Final Solution

Another Nesta Prize

Other Work

3 More Product Experiments

Job Demand Labels

Psychometric Research

No Degree Filtering

Supporting “Back”


Market Research

  • Morrisby, which is probably the market leader. Their main focus is private schools. And they recently acquired a company called Fast Tomato who also have a popular product. Morrisby are particularly well-known for their psychometric testing.
  • Cascaid, who have an older product called Kudos and a newer product called Xello.
  • My Career Options, who are a newer company. They don’t have much traction yet, but seem to be doing interesting things in the area of psychometrics.
  • Unifrog, who isn’t strictly a competitor as they focus more on supporting students into universities. But they have good traction in schools and a great product.

Hiring Employee #2

  • I founded the company in June 2019 and worked part-time on my own for the first year
  • I’ve been full-time since June 2020
  • Emma joined me full-time in August 2020 and there’s only been two of us full-time since
  • Anna also worked with us full-time on frontend development from October 2020 to February 2021

Hiring Process

Hiring Reflections

What’s Next




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Phil Hewinson

Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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