Product Discovery



The Mom Test

Lean B2B

When Coffee & Kale Compete

The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design

User Interviews


How To Recruit?

Recruiting our First Users

Preparing for our First Interviews

Interviewing our First Users

Broadening our User Base

Customer Interviews

A Failed Attempt to Recruit our First Customers

Recruiting Customers through my Network

30 Interviews Later! …

Synthesising Information and Forming Insights

Synthesising the User Interviews

Applying Service Design Methods

Our Core User Insights

Our Core Entry-Level Recruiter Insights

Forward Partners’ Synthesis

Design Sprint

Day 1 — Understand

Identifying the Biggest Risks

Sharing Insights and Mapping a User Journey

Defining an Archetype

Day 2 — Sketch

Day 3 — Decide

Day 4 — Prototype

Day 5 — Test

Building Towards a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Synthesising our Learnings and Ideas

The Next Two Weeks

Hiring My First Employee

Writing a Job Spec

What We Were Really Looking For

Side Note About Job Specs

Recruitment Process

Posting the Job Ads and Managing Applications

Learning about Other Products on the Market

200 Applications in a Week!

Screening & First Interviews

Task & Final Round Interviews

And Our Employee #1 Is …

What’s Next …


All The Small Things

Storyboarding and Designing our MVP

Researching Minimum Qualification and Experience Levels For All Careers

Researching How to Get Into Five Target Careers

Visual Design

Data Protection / GDPR Compliance

Nesta Midpoint Check In

Building Product



Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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