How I Got Involved with Soultime

The Journey of Soultime

  • Acquisition costs (how much we pay to acquire a paying user)
  • Lifetime value (how much money we’ll get from a user over their lifetime)
  • Cashflows (what growth we can sustain with the cash we have and the amount we make back with immediate subscriptions revenue, paid about 45 days later from the app store)

Building a Better Picture

Working on an App Redesign

Qualitative Learnings with User Testing

Mocking up a Prototype

Finding the Right Users

Learnings & More User Tests

Quantitative Learnings with Mixpanel

Other Learnings

Soultime Product Direction

Creating a Full Audio Version of the Bible Using AI

Using a Text-to-Audio Engine

Using Python to Pull It All Together

Building a Soultime Chatbot

Improved Working Practices with the Soultime Engineering Team

Fundraising & Hiring

Improved Paid Marketing

Building a Soultime Business Dashboard

Challenges & App Figures

A Healthy Business

My Future Commitment to Soultime




Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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Phil Hewinson

Phil Hewinson

Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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