We are runner-up in Nesta’s CareerTech prize!

Our Video

Our Original Application Video

Our Written Application

1. Executive Summary

Innovation — Our Top Features

Insight & Impact

Accessibility & Usability

Market Potential

2. Innovation

Pathways Feature

Skills Matching Feature

Interests Mapping Feature — Artificial intelligence (AI)

Labour Market Information

Career Adaptability

Existing Solutions

Future Plans

3. Insight & Impact

Learning Phase: Insights from 50+ Interviews

Experimentation Phase: Insights from 18 Product Tests

Implementation Phase: Our Impact

4. Accessibility & Usability

Our Users

How Users Engage

Ease of Use



Meeting our Users’ Needs

5. Market Potential

Business Model

Sustainable Commercialisation

Affordability to Users

Post-Nesta Product Roadmap

Scaling our Solution Post-Prize

Our Vision

6. Appendix

Glossary of Terms

Theory of Change

Indicators & Targets

Our Nesta Journey: Timelines of Prize

User Flow: Our end-to-end Solution

Our Impact Surveys: Before & After Using the App

Media Coverage & Blog Posts



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