Would You Rather Be …

Why Employment?


Prototyping Your Career

Connecting People to Explore Careers through Conversation


Deciding Between Two Careers

Commonality Between Careers

Qualities that Best Describe Careers

Crafting an Algorithm

Building Would You Rather Be


Friends & Family

Target Market

Where to Find People

Finding a Way Into a London Job Fair

Preparing For and Acting as a Careers Advisor for Two Days

Learnings about the Product

What Went Well

Food for Thought

  • People (often students) may not want to pay for these
  • Some people doing certain careers, such as those in very busy jobs, may not have the time or incentive to have these conversations
  • There is a logistical cost to setup these conversations, although software may be able to help with this
  • It is quite a low income opportunity as the most I think I could keep per conversation is £5–10

Learnings about Myself

Next Steps

Immediate Next Steps

Raising Money and Finding Cofounders

A Much Bigger Product Vision

Making Money

A Short Update on Past Projects





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Phil Hewinson

Phil Hewinson

Tech for Good Entrepreneur

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